The Founders



Neil — The Visionary

Neil has an affinity for all things Brooklyn, loves bacon, camouflage and his bulldog Biggie. Neil has been accused of having affairs with 2 celebrities and once drove 8 hours for a burger, to this day Neil will only acknowledge the burger. Neil is a forecaster, Be like Neil.






Lauren —The Conduit

Lauren loves Wall Street.  Lauren believes each fashion season black is the new black. Lauren feels strongly about Milk Duds, New England and her vintage RayBan Collection. Lauren has been seen in Palm Beach wearing pink and green which is not black. Lauren is a suit. Be like Lauren.





Sorin — The Facilitator

Sorin loves numbers. Sorin swears he is the next American Idol. Sorin can be seen in Bikram yoga checking out his own butt in the mirror,  He fancies himself quite the photgrapher and has a sense of humor that always entertains him and sometimes others. Sorin is a do gooder. Be like Sorin.


The Braintrust consists of really cool people who design stuff, market, distribute, sell, make things, write emails, answer the phones, sing and do happy dances. To name a few,  Ameila, Eliza, Garry, Jerry ( yeah, that is sometimes confusing), Lola, Marc, Teri, Robert are just a big & small part of our Universe.