Colossal Brands is the innovative real working concept of design, manufacturing, branding, marketing, sales and distribution of media enities and celebrity-backed products by leveraging TV  Networks and shows, Internet/Social Media platforms and Retail Distribution Channels.

The Consumer products market of that which is enhanced by media entities has shown stellar growth in recent years: the annual global sales of these types of brands amounts to $100–150 billion. Reality TV now makes up 40 percent of prime time TV programming, and YouTube has videos where products emhanced by media entities has been watched over 200 million times.

Under our unique organizational structures the media entity owns significant stock equity in their individual brand and are therefore incentivized to assure its success; instead of just endorsing a product or a company, they actually co-own it. This business model provides for expansive product categories, and leverages the shows and the individuals on them with media attention to promote different products.

We have HUUUUUGE (yes, really) clients. We don’t name drop as that is so gauche and truly we prefer that they get all the credit.  We are after all an extension of their brand.


We make stuff and do things with it.

  • Product Design, Manufacturing, and Distribution
  • Digital Content creation for Reality TV, YouTube, Internet, and Social Media Platforms
  • Sales and Marketing
  • Content Creation
  • Apparel
  • Accessories
  • Fragrance
  • Health & Beauty
  •  Home Goods
  •  Toys
  • Cool products that fill a void in the market place

Our vast manufacturing and distribution capabilities are rooted in our relationships with World Marketing, Inc. (WMI).  Neil one of CB’ Co-founders, has spent the past 15 years running WMI’s operations. WMI is a NYC-based, thirty-five year-old company with extensive operations in merchandising, design, production, distribution, and marketing. WMI manufactures a wide variety of high-quality consumer products, and distributes them to large retail outlets such as Wal-Mart, Kmart, TJ Max, JC Penny, HSN, Nordstrom’s, and others..all the places you know and the ones that you don’t.

WMI has a long history of producing high quality products and is an approved supplier to many companies such as GE and Bristol-Meyers.